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IT & Property Management Services in Plymouth by Jonathan Burrows

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About Jonathan Burrows

Jonathan Burrows cartoonized photo

My name is Jonathan Burrows. I am a computer geek.

...and I make no apologies for it! In fact, I love putting my geekiness to good use and helping people, whether in the USA or anywhere else in the world, with their everyday computer and IT issues. I am also very experienced in developing and managing a wide range of software and web solutions for businesses. Read on for more details.

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Internet & Website Services

I have the expertise to build from scratch your custom website. I also offer a full website support package. From domain choice to hosting, from website design to coding, SEO and completion, I can help you with your website issues. I've worked on multi-language websites too, so if you need the ability to show different content based on their language or location, then contact me for more details.

  • Posidacious (website) - A unique system for letting agents to manage maintenance issues with houses they manage. Provides cost saving and procedural benefits. Well worth a look!
  • Bryce Properties (website) - A Plymouth landlord with a large portfolio of student and professional rooms and accommodation. He needed a simple but easy to use website to market his student and professional properties in Plymouth. Includes a large gallery of images for each property
  • Vehicle Tracking (website) - Appleby Westward required a system to enabled the data received from each vehicle's tracking device to be displayed to logged in users on the website.
  • Riverford Farm Shop - (website). The Watson family has farmed the 350 hectare Riverford Farm for nearly 50 years, more than twenty of which have been spent working to bring back the taste and quality of traditional foods through the farm shop with its butchery, bakery and kitchens, the organic vegetable box business and the organic dairy.
  • Direct Property Services (website) - A Plymouth based Green Deal installer, Construction and Building business.
  • Deptford Place, Plymouth (website) - A Plymouth landlord with a large portfolio of student and professional rooms decided to build three new top quality student houses. The development comprises 22 large double bedrooms, plenty of shower rooms and large communal lounges and kitchens. The houses are in an ideal location close to the University of Plymouth
  • SPAR (Appleby Westward) (website) - This site has a members area and involved a lot of database and PHP work
  • Bumblebee Nursery (Plymouth) - (website). I support and maintain this site. I didn't design it. Services provided include Google Analytics and SEO.
  • Top Glass Glazing (website) - This customer needed an inexpensive solution that would still be searchable through the search engines
  • The People's Advocate (website) - This customer had a Facebook Group but wanted a dedicated website and forums. The site is currently being developed and completion is planned for September 2011
  • Also:
  • http://studentlivingjustgotbetter.co.uk/
  • http://www.volkscity.com/
  • http://essyproperties.co.uk/

  • In progress:
  • http://harboursidehouse.co.uk/
  • http://dabentertainments.co.uk/

I also can happily advise and help you with expanding your business into Social Networking. Namely, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Myspace, StumbleUpon and many more...

IT Services

Do you ever spend hours or even days struggling with a computer issue or project? Have you wanted to set up a database but been unsure where to start or how to use your software? Do you need your Excel document to do more but just can't figure out how to make it work for you? Do you want to set up a range of templates and spreadsheets? Do you need professional formatting on your report or dissertation? I can do all this and much more. Contact me for more information on the everyday I.T. services I provide at a very reasonable cost.

  • Bring all the technical aspects of your business together so that they work for you, not against you. Talk to me now.
  • Documents & templates, files & file systems, databases. You'll be surprised by what I can do, just ask!
  • Networking, backups and Computer Security
  • Consultancy. Systems, Web & Networks


I can look at your existing website and analyse its structure and content. I also have considerable experience with Google Analytics & Google Adwords so am able to provide insightful advice on how best to improve your internet presence.

I can also analyse your use of existing technology and offer advice on how to get the best from it.

Project Management & Consultancy

Perhaps you are planning a larger project for your business but don't feel confident in your knowledge and abilities to ensure the best solution is chosen and implemented?

Graphic Design & Corporate Identity

Redesigning your website is the perfect time to look at your company corporate identity. Why not have a completely refreshed new look created? I work with a local Graphic Designer to create professional corporate identity packages, which reflect in all elements of work. Below are just a few area's that we can help:

  • Company/Organisation Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads, Compliment slips and Invoices
  • Postcards, Leaflets and other promotional material

If you require something else, then please don't hesitate to ask.


"Jonathan's knowledge and expertise are impressive. Not only that, I found him to be approachable, honest and trustworthy. He worked very hard to provide the best solution for the unique software issue I was encountering with my business and he did it at an extremely reasonable cost. I would not hesitate recommending him to any of my friends or fellow business owners." Erik Stensland, Colorado.

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My rates

The fees for each project or task are based on the project's type and complexity. My basic rates are $40 an hour or $290 a day.

I offer different flat rate packages for specific projects. I am also available on retainer for as little as $70 a month, depending on the scope of responsibility. Contact me for a specific quote.

One more thing...

When you use me as your "Personal I.T. & Web Specialist", you are getting just that - your very own personal specialist. Feel free to ask me a question when you need an answer to a technical situation.

Oh and another thing...

I always think of and offer what's best for my customers and not for my wallet. My business mandate is to find the best solution for each unique situation.

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