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About Jonathan Burrows

Computer Geek

My name is Jonathan Burrows. I am a computer techie.

...and I make no apologies for it! In fact, I love putting my technical skills to good use and helping people, whether in the UK or anywhere else in the world, with their everyday computer and IT issues. I am also very experienced in developing and managing a wide range of software and web solutions for businesses. Read on for more details.

In the beginning...

I got involved in computing around the year 1993-1994. My uncle bought me a computer, all nicely boxed up and wow was I excited! Remember personal computers were not that common then! To my dismay, the computer was in bits! I had to build the computer to make it mine. Lots of tears (metaphorical ones) later, I had a working Windows 3.11 personal computer and boy was I happy!

Burgeoning skills...

In time my burgeoning computing skills were enough to get me work in the industry. I rapidly began to learn about how computing and IT were being used in the workplace, how to support and diagnose problems and how to configure and troubleshoot larger corporate networks. The years that followed also allowed me to learn about databases and in time website design and programming.

Broadening horizons ...

My involvement in running a business allowed me to project manage long term projects and smaller ones too. Running my own business since 2003 has given me useful insights into a business owners needs and restrictions. This has proved invaluable by giving me knowledge of the other side of the coin. Now I'm fortunate to be able to consider both the business and the technical requirements too.

And now?

Along the way I have picked up a large range of skills and technical knowledge. On the right hand side of this website is a list (by no means definitive or exhaustive) of skills, expertise and experience. Because I have been involved in computing and IT since the mid 1990's, my understanding of all things IT comes naturally to me. From MS-DOS through Windows 3x and later Windows operating systems for personal use to business operating systems such as Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Linux, UNIX, Novell NetWare, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

If you have a particular issue or unusual request, then just ask me about it on the contact page.